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Transfer Switches

HMC Generators offers several home backup generator transfer switches. In a home equipped with a backup generator and an automatic transfer switch (ATS), when an electric utility outage occurs, the ATS will tell the backup generator to start. Once the ATS sees that the generator is ready to provide electric power, the ATS breaks the home’s connection to the electric utility and connects the generator to the home’s main electrical panel. Once your power has been restored by the utility company, the generator will monitor power for 30 seconds, then transfer power back to utility and the cool down process will begin. This simple operation is vital for homeowners using a standby generator who need power restored quickly for electric-powered medical equipment or the ability to continue running a home business.

A transfer switch also serves as a safety mechanism, preventing back-feeding electricity to the grid, which can potentially start fires and harm utility workers attempting to restore your power. The Generac products available from HMC Generators ensures every circuit is covered at all times for whole house protection. When the compatible switch is paired with a generator of the correct size, every appliance, light, and device will maintain power at all times.

The Smart Switch allows a small generator to cover more areas than it normally would. Another transfer switch option includes open transition switches, ideal for residential, commercial, and light industrial applications. Whether you are only looking to cover the basics that require power during an emergency or want every fixture to remain turned on at all times, we offer switched to fit any backup generator with 8, 12, 14, or 16 circuits and up to 800 amps available. HMC Generators help you select the switch that will work best for your location and needs.

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