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HMC Generators offers all the generator services and products homes and businesses in Louisiana need.

Home Backup Generators

Generac automatic home backup generators are permanently installed. Automatically deliver power during an outage. Can back up your entire home if you chose. And are the preferred brand of homeowners who invest in home backup power. Popular models, include the Guardian Series, and Protector Series. Whether your needs are basic or complex, we offer quick response models, and generators that run on diesel fuel.

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Business Standby Generators

We also have business standby generators. Typical business customers include, Vet Clinics, Physician offices, Small Businesses, Grocery Stores etc. These maintain full function of heat, central air, refrigeration, and communication devices (phones and computers) so you can carry out business as usual without missing a beat.

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Transfer Switches

Home Backup

HMC Generators has several home backup transfer switches available as well. The Generac products we carry ensures every circuit is covered at all times for whole house protection. When the compatible switch is paired with the right size generator, every appliance, light, and device will stay powered at all times. The Smart Switch allows a small generator to cover more areas than it normally would. Other options include open transition switches ideal for residential, commercial, and light industrial applications. Whether you want to cover only the basics that need power during an emergency or you want every fixture to remain turned on at all times, we have switches to fit any backup generator, with 12, 14, or 16 circuits and up to 800 amps available.



The main benefit of manual transfer switches is that they are portable. They mount on the outside of a building next to the utility meter and has a portable control in which you can manually turn off selected loads to up to the full capacity of the generator. These are ideal for additional electrical panels in barns, detached garages, and workshops. There are whole house and select circuit transfer switches, which can be expanded by adding more circuit breakers to the switch controls, as well as single load and single circuit transfer switches. HMC Generators help you select the switch that will work best for your location.

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Home Backup Generator Accessories

Accessories for home backup generators, also manufactured by Generac, maximize convenience and simplify maintenance. We can provide maintenance kits, batteries, fascia and base trim, cold weather kits, paint kits for scratch and chip touch ups, and auxiliary transfer switch contact kits.

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